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Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri, religious affairs director of IMAM, attended an annual fundraising dinner hosted by the Al-Sadr Foundation.

In attendance were more than 1200 people, including religious scholars, officials, leaders, and community members. Sayyid Kashmiri gave a speech to address the importance of collaboration between Muslim institutions in the U.S., especially today, when the Muslim Umma is experiencing rapid fragmentation. Sayyid Kashmiri encouraged the community to continue their support for non-profit organizations since they depend almost entirely on community contributions.

Sayyid Kashmiri mentioned that one of the most important characteristics that makes the Sadr Foundation unique is their offering of services to everyone, irrespective of their color, sex, ethnicity, or religion. There is no harm in serving your own community but, what is more important is striving to serve all of mankind. God says in the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh&hp) “We have sent you for no other reason but to be a mercy for mankind.” (21:107)