Attendees fill the hall at I.M.A.M. in Dearborn, MI in honor of the 12th Imam’s birth anniversary celebration

On May 13th, 2017, the Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya was pleased to celebrate the birth anniversary of our beloved Imam Mahdi (p).

The program began with a beautiful recitation of excerpts from the Holy Quran. The main program then consisted of an educational speech on human courageousness delivered by the honorable keynote speaker, Sheikh Bourair Bidrawi. There were also inspirational speeches given by a select group on the importance of mothers as well as on our beloved Imam’s birth anniversary.

Special sweets are served during the celebration

The celebration included raffling of exciting prizes, as well as the distribution of sweets and desserts. In addition to these festivities, there a supervised educational program for children was also held, which was delivered in a fun atmosphere. The program also included prizes, treats, face paintings, and handcrafted gifts.

The program concluded with a beautiful recitation of Dua Al-Hujja as well as closing remarks.