Shaykh Dr. Mehdi Hazari visited the Ahlul Bayt Society of Columbus in Ohio on Saturday, February 4, 2023, to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (p). 

The program included poetry in English, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, and participation by the youth. Shaykh Dr. Hazari delivered a speech in which he spoke about the qualities of a believer and the dynamic nature of belief when it is subject to the factors of life. He drew from the example of Imam Ali (p) and his effort to maintain the true religion of Islam after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh&hp).  

In addition to meeting with His Eminence Shaykh Raheem al-Saadi, Shaykh Dr. Hazari also had informal discussions with community members about the challenges they are facing and concrete steps they can take moving forward to strengthen their congregation. 

Shaykh Dr. Hazari thanked the community for their hospitality and kindness and expressed that they were truly unique because of their diversity, and as such, were a beautiful example for other centers. 

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