On Sunday,  February, 5th, 2023, Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri visited the Dare Zehra Islamic Center of Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (p).

He spoke about seeking knowledge and following the truth through a well-known narration from the Prophet (p) that said, “Ali is with the truth, and the truth is with Ali.”  Sayyid Kashmiri used different scenarios and examples from our daily life to provide a method of seeking the right path and avoiding deviation. 

Sayyid Kashmiri brought attention to the misuse of cultures and desires that are against the truth. He stressed the point that Islam teaches us to avoid anything that misleads us from the truth. He then answered questions raised by the community members and participated in a  ceremony to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (p). 

Sayyid Kashmiri also had an opportunity to see the new Dare Zehra facility and discussed their plan for the future. He had informal discussions with Shaykh Dr. Cameron Zargar, the president Aref Baig, and the community members about different matters including providing khums permission by the religious authority to support the Dare Zehra project. 

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