Al-Sadiq School Inauguration – Somerset, New Jersey

June 25, 2023

After a long journey filled with challenges, and by the Grace of Almighty God, the Muslim Foundation Inc (MFI) was finally able to achieve its noble goal of the construction and opening of Al-Sadiq full-time school for the Muslim community in the New Jersey area.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by many religious scholars, local officials including the mayor, community leaders, and various community members from other states. His Eminence, Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri, was invited as a keynote speaker to the event. 

During his remarks, Sayyid Kashmiri insisted on the necessity of having our own schools to implement the advice of the religious authority. He noted that Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Sistani advised Shia Muslims in the West that as they strive toward good citizenry and integration, they should maintain their religious identity and noble cultures. Sayyid Kashmiri added, “Our children’s protection is mandatory, not recommended!” He emphasized that this is particularly important nowadays when many faith communities are encountering melting human values and our newer generations are at risk of losing their noble values.

Sayyid Kashmiri addressed those who live in small towns who can’t build a school or the families who can’t afford tuition to send their children to full-time private schools, to protect and save their beloved children by pursuing online teaching options or homeschooling. To the latter, he noted, “I personally had this chance and so far [it] worked with my children perfectly.”

In his closing remarks, Sayyid Kashmiri offered his sincere thanks to all those who worked tirelessly for the past two decades. He recalled visiting the location and then noting that it was just land and a small old house at that time. He thanked all those who generously donated to support the project and gave special thanks to the religious authority that granted Khums permission to support this dream project. 

In the end, Sayyid brought to the school’s leaders’ attention that the real challenge of this project has just begun. Building the school is just one step but how to manage it and lead our children to success is a heavy responsibility. He concluded by praying for their success and expressing hopes to see this as a manifestation of what was dreamed of in The Blueprint For The Shia Muslim Community, with having full-time schools, an Islamic curriculum, and higher education. Sayyid prayed to see the graduated students of al-Sadiq School go to the best colleges and universities, including the new initiative of Mufid Academic Seminary, so they give back to the community and return some of what they receive from them. 

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