Upon the cordial invitation made by Shaykh Salah al-Basri, Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri visited Imam Hussain (p) Islamic Center of St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, 4, 2023, to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (p).

Sayyid Kashmiri spoke about some of the virtues of Imam Ali (p) that are relevant to our daily lives and that Muslims face, particularly in the west. He also elaborated on the role of Imams after the Prophet, and the role of jurists during the occultation period in response to some questions that appear from time to time from community members and others.

Sayyid also talked about other internal cultural issues as well. During his speech, he cautioned about the misuse of cultures and desires that are averse to the truth. He went on to say that Islam teaches us to practice our culture and desires as long as they are not at odds with the truth. Islam teaches us to follow the truth and not individuals unless they are God’s chosen Prophets (p) and Successors (p).

Sayyid Kashmiri answered questions raised by the community members after his speech and participated in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (p) with the youth.

On the sidelines, Sayyid Kashmiri had a separate meeting with another honorable speaker, Sayyid Rizwan Rizvi, and talked about several important matters concerning the community in North America. 

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