Host: Shaykh Faiyaz Jaffer

Chapter 73 of the Holy Quran offers us many unique insights in regards to how we can become amongst the best of God servants. Through God‘s natural signs, we are surrounded by reminders that draw us closer to Him, if we truly are the state of contemplation and reflection.

In light of everything that we are undergoing today, we should use it as an opportunity to be in a reflective state that reminds us that we are a slave of God. And by changing our perception, into something that is more positive, we were able to empower ourselves by being in the service of our Creator. Join us in this week’s virtual halaqa with Sheikh Faiyaz as we reflect upon verses from Sura al-Muzzamil.

Shaykh Faiyaz Jaffer is a researcher and writer at I.M.A.M.

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