Host: Shaykh Rasoul Naghavi Nia

Episode Notes: Living in the time of the coronavirus outbreak is for many of us a tough time. How can we stay positive, find contentment and strengthen our Imān during this challenging time? How was Imam Hussain ibn Ali (p) able to find contentment thought adversities in his life? How did his sister, Sayyida Zaynab (p) stay positive during the tough moments of her life? In this episode, we study the life of Imam Hussain (p) and the rest of Ahl al-bayt (p) to see how they would have reacted, if they were in the same difficult situation as we are today.

Shaykh Rasoul Naghavi Nia is a researcher at I.M.A.M. and the president of Mufid Academic Seminary (MAS).

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