As part of their “Global Islam: Current Debates” series, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln invited I.M.A.M.’s Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri for a discussion on “The Problem of Pain and Suffering”, coordinated by Dr. Abla Hasan. As detailed by UNL, the purpose of the series is to identify the most controversial debates in Islam and Islamic Studies, who the representatives are on each side, and see how various scholars and theologians deal with differing issues. The discussion was followed by a question-and-answer session and the talk series is supported by UNL Modern languages and Literatures and by UNL Transformative Teaching Center.

Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri is the Vice-Chairman and Director of Religious Affairs at I.M.A.M. and Dr. Abla Hasan is an Associate Professor of Practice of Arabic language and culture at UNL.

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